Visiting Yosemite

We visited Yosemite and I knew I wanted to write about this special place. I utilized the landform vocabulary, descriptions, animals, and the actions that we experienced while we were at the park. I added labels to the photographs to add another vocabulary level and to stimulate future conversations. I also wanted her to beContinue reading “Visiting Yosemite”

The Colors of the PCT

My toddler and I hiked a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail near Wrightwood, California and along the way we saw a lot of colors. We kept pointing and naming the new colors that we saw on the trail. My daughter is still learning her colors so I thought this would be a great opportunityContinue reading “The Colors of the PCT”

Born Beach Baby

We live by the beach and when we visit, we talk about the sand, seaweed, sea gulls, etc. My daughter always takes off her shoes so she can feel the sand and the water. The experiences that we have at the beach are rich with opportunities to build vocabulary and wonder. I was inspired byContinue reading “Born Beach Baby”

We Hike

Hiking is very important in my family. My daughter has been on several hikes and we talk about everything that we experience along the way. What is important in your family? What do you spend your time doing on the weekend? I hope my book will inspire you to write about whatever you love andContinue reading “We Hike”


Welcome to Baby Muse! I am inspired to make books for my two-year-old daughter. She is my Baby Muse. Being a teacher for nine years with a M.Ed. in Reading Education, I know how important it is to talk during, after real world experiences, and to read starting at an early age. By creating booksContinue reading “Welcome”

About Me

Hi, I’m Kara. With a background in education and publishing , I am passionate about literacy and inspiring parents to write books for their kids. I hope you will be encouraged to start writing books from the ideas that you encounter on Baby Muse.

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