Welcome to Baby Muse! I am inspired to make books for my two-year-old daughter. She is my Baby Muse. Being a teacher for nine years with a M.Ed. in Reading Education, I know how important it is to talk during, after real world experiences, and to read starting at an early age. By creating books about our experiences during the week and highlighting aspects of her world, my plan is to use the pictures and words experienced to write books that solidify vocabulary and engage her in books that feature her. From drawing on past experiences and rereading the books, my daughter will have an easier time decoding words as she will be familiar with the vocabulary and pictures that she experienced in her life. I hope that you will be inspired to create your own books for your children. Not only do I plan to share the book idea to get your juices flowing, but I will include a pdf and docx to save you time and money in creating your own books. The pdf and docx can be printed off as is or adjusted to better tell your child’s story. Print off photos, paste them to the pages, and attach the pages and just like that, you have an inexpensive book for your child. If you would rather spend a little more money, visit a site like Mixbook to get the book bound. You might as well do something with all of those photos you are taking, right? Why not create something that will captivate and capture the words learned in moments with your child? Get inspired by Baby Muse, write books, and build your child’s love of reading.

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